Northern Territory Government

Grant Recipients 2016-17

Project Development Funding

Recipient Project Genre Amount
Cathryn Vasseleu Tiger on the Rocks Documentary $6,000
Philip Densen Ryko Feature $5,000
Weave Films Shelter Multi-Platform $20,000
Brindle Films Broken Feature $20,000
NT Media Productions Family Break Documentary $10,000
NT Media Productions Uluru: Handback Documentary $10,000
Thomas Lawrence Gun Ringer Documentary TV Series $10,000
Brindle Films Finke Documentary $14,000
CAAMA Productions Prayers to the Wind Documentary $14,000
Chili Films Audrey & Me Documentary $14,000
NT Media Productions The River Documentary $20,000
Clare Atkins Hood Drama TV Series $5,000
Clare Atkins Wild Thing Feature $5,000
Huni Bolliger Inside Out Animation $5,000
Weave Films The Invisibles Documentary  Series $5,000

 Ferment Collaborate  

Our Culture, Our Food, Our StoriesDocumentary Series$12,500
Global Headquarters  Venom Kings Documentary Series$10,000
NT Media ProductionsHow to Choose your Family  Documentary $20,000
Chili FilmsAudreyDocumentary$16,000
Peter Harris    Mining Boom   Animation Series$5,000
Tim ColeSmall Island Big Song Documentary $5,000
Huni BolligerPossum MamasDocumentary $15,000
Exposure ProductionsThe Sweet Little Note of the EngineDocumentary Series$10,000
Leslie SimpsonHome Alone?  Documentary $6,000
Daniel Collins LongrassDocumentary $6,000
Leane Dabitz  The Future of Ageing  Documentary $6,000
Helen BrowningMeet the PagansDocumentary $6,000
Samuel PaynterKirra’s SongbirdDocumentary $6,000

Production Funding

Recipient Project Genre Amount
Alex Kelly No Man is an Island Documentary $8,730
Brindle Films Sacred Song Documentary Documentary $60,000
Tamarind Tree Pictures Carry the Flag Documentary $40,000
Milikom Outback Paramedic Documentary TV Series $65,971
Brindle Films  Occupation: Native Documentary $64,000
WFD Productions Outback Wrangler: Season3 Documentary TV Series $34,500
Brindle FilmsFinke   Documentary $80,000

Industry & Audience Development Funding

Recipient Project Amount
Darwin Film Society NT Screen Industry Summit $6,000
Flickerfest Pty Ltd Flickerfest 2017 NT Tour $5,000
Sydney Traveling Film Festival Travelling Film Festival 2016 NT Tour $6,000
Something Somewhere Inc Something Somewhere Film Festival $20,000
IRCA 18th Remote Indigenous Media Festival $20,000
Philip DensonAFTRS Script Editing Diploma$3,000
Ned Lander MediaSamuel Nuggin-Paynter development$1,000
Global HeadquartersAsian TV Forum$5,000

Attachments, Internships and Mentorships

Recipient Project Type Amount
Ishmael Mareka Westwind: Djalu's Legacy Internship $5,000
Helen Browning Carry the Flag Attachment $4,970
Kyle Wilson Closer Productions Mentorship $5,000
Nicholas Parry          Exposure Productions Mentorship $5,000
David Curl Thomas Street Productions Mentorship $5,000
Sweet Country FilmsSweet CountryMentorship$5,000

Travel Grant Funding

Recipient Project Amount 
NT Media Productions Travel to NT Summit $2,000
Rebel Films Travel to NT Summit $2,000
Alice Springs Film and Television     Travel to NT Summit $1,000
Thomas Lawrence Travel to NT Summit $1,000
Eli Peters Travel to NT Summit $1,000
CAAMA Productions Travel to NT Summit $2,000
Brindle Films Travel to NT Summit $2,000
ICTV Limited Travel to NT Summit $2,000
NT Media Productions Industry related travel $2,000 
Chili Films SPAA Conference $2,000 
Weave Films SPAA Conference $2,000
Phil Denson   SPAA Conference $2,000
Milikom SPAA Conference $2,000 
CAAMA Productions SPAA Conference $2,000 
Tim Parish SPAA Conference $2,000
Brindle Films SPAA Conference $4,000
Brindle Films MIPCOM 2016 $10,000
Karen Martin Stone World Congress $5,000
Exposure Productions World Congress $5,000
CAMMA Productions Margaret Mead Festival 2016 $1,740
NT Media Productions Industry related travel $2,000
Weave Films  Industry Meetings and Workshops $2,000
Chili FilmsAIDC$2,000
Weave FilmsAIDC$4,000
Alex KellyAIDC$1,960
Karen Martin-StoneAIDC$2,000
Brindle FilmsAIDC$2,000
TV WorksAIDC$4,000
Helen BrowningAIDC$2,000
Huni BolligerAIDC$2,000
Tim ParishAIDC$2,000
Daniel Collins Realisator$1,000
Leane DabitzRealisator$1,000
Helen BrowningRealisator$1,000
Thomas Lawrence     Realisator$800
Brindle Films  Natalie Miller Foundation$2,000
Alex KellyNatalie Miller Foundation$1,000

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Last updated: 22 May 2017