Northern Territory Government

Industry development

Industry development programs support Northern Territory screen practitioners who are at mid or advanced career level to gain further professional experience under the guidance of highly experienced practitioners, or through targeted events and initiatives.

Program structure

Attachments, internships and mentorships

Up to $5,000 per application provided to support

  • an individual for
    - an attachment eg to a department or crew role during the production of a screen project; or

    - an internship within a production company, or
  • a highly experienced film or television practitioner (mentor) to mentor an early or mid-career practitioner (mentee), engaged in a specific role on a specific project

Funds may also be made available in 2017-18 to support a number of longer-term professional placements.

Industry development partnerships

Up to $15,000 per application for Northern Territory based organisations to create professional development and skills training opportunities for Northern Territory screen practitioners at various stages of their careers.

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Last updated: 16 Feb 2018