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Attachments, Internships and Mentorships

Screen Territory will support Northern Territory screen practitioners at mid or advanced career level to gain further hands-on professional experience under the guidance of highly experienced practitioners. 

The fund is aimed at supporting exceptional national or international opportunities made available to Northern Territory practitioners including key creatives and technicians. Opportunities may take the form of:

  • an attachment to a department or crew role during the production of a film or screen project
  • a short-term internship within a production company
  • a mentorship whereby a highly experienced film or television practitioner is funded to mentor an early or mid-career practitioner (the mentee) while engaged in a specific role on a specific project.

Attachments and internships are aimed at providing hands-on experience in a real-world professional environment

Mentorships are aimed at giving practitioners in key creative and managerial roles access to high-level advice and support to enhance career progression.

Funding available

Applications can be for any amount up to $5,000, supported by a budget.

Budget notes:

  • For attachments and internships, wages are to be at least Level 1 of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance Award: view the current Award rates. Screen Territory funding is provided to the production company, and the company is free to supplement this with their own resources.
  • For mentorships, Screen Territory's funding is provided directly to the mentor, and the funding cannot be used to subsidise the wages of the mentee, or any other crew positions.

Who can apply

The application must:

  • come from the individual practitioner, who must be a Northern Territory resident and meet Screen Territory’s General eligibility criteria, and
  • have the endorsement of the host production company/practitioner or mentor.

Applications must represent a significant professional development opportunity in the applicant's area of expertise.

Funding is not available through this program where a production company has undertaken to provide an attachment as part of an agreement with Screen Territory for production finance.

Application timing

Applications must be received by Screen Territory no later than four weeks prior to the commencement date of the proposed placement or mentorship.

Application materials

You must submit:

  • A one-line description of the opportunity
  • A current one-page CV
  • A personal statement detailing your background, creative and career goals, and interest in the particular role
  • A detailed plan for the attachment, internship or mentorship (agreed to by the company or mentor) which includes:
    • a timeframe or schedule
    • an outline of the type of experience and work to be undertaken, and
    • the intended professional development outcomes.
  • A letter of offer or agreement from the production company or mentor confirming the opportunity and the level of involvement you will have with the company's activities
  • A detailed budget including Screen Territory's contribution
  • A current one-page CV for the mentor, or the company or individual offering the attachment or internship.


Eligible applications will be assessed taking into account:

  • The applicant's track record, career progression and commitment to developing their expertise in their chosen field
  • The exceptional nature of the opportunity, and the track record and experience of the host production company/practitioner or mentor
  • The identified outcomes and their relevance to the applicant's current career stage.
  • The appropriateness of the budget submitted.

Reporting and acquittal

If you are successful in receiving a grant through this program, your grant agreement will set out the materials you have agreed to deliver in order to acquit the grant. These will include:

  • brief report on the outcomes of the attachment, internship or mentorship
  • breakdown of grant expenditure.

You will be required to acquit the grant one month after the conclusion of the attachment, internship or funded mentorship.

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Last updated: 15 Jul 2016