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Contracting and Acquittal

Screen Territory contracting process

Successful applicants across all funding programs will be required to sign a grant agreement between themselves and the Northern Territory government prior to the release of funds.

Applicants will be responsible for any legal costs they incur in relation to checking the grant agreement prior to signing.

Extensive amendments to Screen Territory's grant agreement will generally not be agreed to.


Successful applicants are required to have an ABN, otherwise Screen Territory will be obliged by law to withhold an amount of tax from amounts due to the applicant, and remit those amounts to the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

The withholding does not apply where the applicant qualifies for exemption from the requirement to have an ABN. Prior to the release of payment, the applicant will be required to establish their exemption by providing a completed ATO 'Statement by a Supplier' form (NAT3346-04.2008) setting out their reason for not requiring an ABN.

GST is payable on Screen Territory's grants where the applicant is registered for GST and makes a taxable supply to Screen Territory.

Promotional material

Screen Territory requires the right to use pre-approved excerpts from the project and promotional materials for its own corporate and promotional purposes, including for research, reporting and any activity that promotes the government's support for the screen industries. 

Crediting Screen Territory

Recipients of Screen Territory funding are required to credit Screen Territory on the terms set out in the signed grant agreement.  Credit requirements vary according to the nature of the support.

The Screen Territory logo is available at

For specific credit requirements please contact Screen Territory.

Acquitting a grant

Recipients of funding through the Screen Territory Grants Program are required to provide Screen Territory with an acquittal for the grant, which includes delivery materials and reports, including financial reports. The acquittal requirements vary depending on the type of grant and are clearly detailed in the grant agreement.

Failure to provide these items to Screen Territory by the due date is a breach of the grant agreement.

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Contracting & acquittal

Last updated: 08 Jul 2016