Northern Territory Government

Screen Territory Advisory Panel

The Screen Territory Advisory Panel provides for industry involvement and specialist advice in decision making in relation to Northern Territory Government screen grants, to ensure a transparent and accountable process for the allocation of Screen Grants Funding. 

The panel is chosen from external assessors who are appointed by the Minister for Tourism and Culture and comprises industry experts.

External assessor's rate the grant applications against assessment criteria and make recommendations to the Minister in relation to grant funding.

Please note: applicants will not be informed which assessor(s) have been appointed to their project.

External assessors:

Northern Territory:

Ms Rachel Clements

Ms Beck Cole

Ms Alex Kelly

Mr Nick Lee

Ms Trisha Morton-Thomas

Mr Shane Mulcahy

Ms Mary Anne Butler

Mr Andrew Hyde

Ms Danielle Maclean

Mr Steven McGregor

Dr Aurora Scheelings

Mr Tim Parish

Ms Tanith Glynn-Maloney



Mr Shayne Armstrong

Ms Meredith Garlick

Mr Matthew Deaner

Mr Shane Krause

Mr Darren Dale

Mr Mike Jones

Ms Vicki Madden

Ms Susan Mackinnon

Ms Julia Overton

Mr Neil Peplow

Ms Greer Simpkin

Ms Megan Simpson-Huberman

Mr Alan Hardy 

Ms Anna Grieve

Ms Clea Frost

Ms Jeni McMahon

Ms Dena Curtis

Ms Gillian Moody

Mr Greg Haddrick

Ms Julia Redwood

Ms Karena Slaninka

Last updated: 29 Sep 2017