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Seed development

Screen Territory will support Northern Territory writers, directors and producers to explore the potential of creative ideas through the development of a treatment or proposal and support materials.

Funding available

Up to $5,000 per application, supported by a budget.

Whether a project will be funded, and the amount of Screen Territory funding, will be determined by the assessment process (see ‘Information for applicants’) and the total demand on available funds.


Three funding rounds will be held in the 2017/18 financial year:

  • Round 1: closed
  • Round 2: closed
  • Round 3: closes 19 March 2018


All applications must meet the general eligibility requirements for Screen Territory funding, in addition to the following:

Who can apply

The applicant must be a Northern Territory resident or a Northern Territory company (see General eligibility for definitions). Non-NT residents or non-NT companies are not eligible for this program.

Seed Development funding is available to experienced practitioners as well as to emerging practitioners i.e. who do not yet have an ‘eligible screen credit of at least 10 minutes in duration.

Emerging practitioners will need to submit additional materials in order to demonstrate their capabilities (see ‘Application materials’ below), and Screen Territory may require the attachment of a mentor or story consultant where appropriate.

Project requirements

The following formats are eligible for funding through this program:

  • feature films
  • adult and children’s drama and narrative comedy including television series, miniseries, telemovies and web series
  • content-rich factual/documentary television or web programs.


Eligible applications will be assessed taking into account:

  • The strength and distinctiveness of the concept or story idea, and its potential to engage an audience.
  • The cultural significance of the project for the Northern Territory.
  • The track record and demonstrated potential of the individual applicant or creative team.
  • The feasibility of the development plan and appropriateness of the use of Screen Territory funds.

Application materials

All applicants must submit the following:

  • Current one-page CVs for the applicant, and key creative team where attached.
  • One-sentence synopsis, and one-paragraph (3–4 line) synopsis.
  • A short document (no more than 8 pages) that communicates the concept and the main points of the story and evokes the experience of the film.
  • A simple ‘talk to camera’ video pitch of up to three minutes describing:
    • the concept for the project and its significance for the Northern Territory
    • the potential audience for the project
    • the current stage of the project (eg treatment, draft script or whatever form your project is in if your development plan is utilising more non-traditional approaches).
  • A brief development plan, setting out what you will do with the requested funding, including what you will spend the money on, and (where relevant) details of relationships with any mentors or more experienced practitioners who have volunteered to support you.

In addition, where the applicant or team does not have an ‘eligible screen credit of at least 10 minutes in duration, you must submit:

  • excerpt of script or treatment from any current or previous screen project (maximum 5 pages in total), and/or
  • other appropriate materials – such as links to short films or previous screen work – that demonstrate the storytelling style and abilities of the writer or writer/director.

Reporting and acquittal

If you are successful in receiving a Seed Development grant, your grant agreement will set out the reports and materials you have agreed to deliver in order to acquit the grant (based on your development plan), and an agreed project end date. You will be required to acquit the grant one month after the agreed project end date.

Reports and deliverables vary from project to project; however, in general you may need to provide the following:

  • Deliverables relevant to your project development plan
  • A report detailing:
    • The work undertaken during this stage of development.
    • The proposed next steps for developing the project.
  • A signed breakdown of income and expenditure for the project including financial support received from the Territory or a third party.

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Last updated: 16 Feb 2018