Northern Territory Government

Dynamic future for screen industry in the Territory

The Ministerial Advisory Council (MAC) report into the future of the Territory screen industry has been released.

Department of Arts and Museums Chief Executive Officer Hugo Leschen said the Territory screen industry is a vibrant, growing sector and the MAC report presents eight recommendations for future progress.

“Screen production is a primary means of communication that enables the Territory to reflect on its characteristics and practices, and to portray and define the Territory’s distinctive identities,” Mr Leschen said.

A group of highly qualified and experienced screen industry members was appointed to the high level MAC on Screen Industry Support in August 2015.

The MAC was established for a limited term to consider the current state of play of the screen industry within the Northern Territory and recommend proposals to support the local industry and to attract large-scale production to the Northern Territory.

“The MAC initiative has been very positively received by industry and other key stakeholders.

“Extensive consultation was conducted throughout the Territory which contributed to the eight recommendations in this report.  

“The MAC believes that there is a strong sentiment among industry practitioners that positive change on the policy front will create strong industry growth and development.

“It’s a dynamic time in the Northern Territory industry, with audiences demonstrably keen to watch Territory stories which offers an opportunity for economic growth in moving the industry forward,” Mr Leschen said.

The Ministerial Advisory Council consisted of the following screen professional:

Simon Molloy (chair) – Economist, 20 years’ experience consulting in media, telecommunications and creative industry economics

Rachel Clements – Leading NT producer (Blown Away and 8MMM Aboriginal Radio)

Erica Glynn – Former head of Indigenous Unit at Screen Australia, experienced producer

Andrew Hyde – More than 25 years’ experience as a cameraman, producer in the NT, current president of NT branch of Australian Cinematographers Society

Chris Oliver – Former senior executive at Screen Australia and Investment Manager, Australian Film Finance Corporation withmore than 30 years in film and TV as a producer