Industry Information

There are numerous bodies that can assist industry in a variety of ways.

For more information, visit:

  • Screen Australia is a Federal Government agency charged with supporting Australian screen development, production and promotion.

    Screen Australia was established under the Screen Australia Act 2008 and from 1 July 2008 took over the functions and appropriations of its predecessor agencies, the Australian Film Commission (AFC), the Film Finance Corporation Australia (FFC) and Film Australia Limited.

    Visit the Screen Australia website.

  • Screen Producers Australia was formed by the screen industry to represent large and small enterprises across a diverse production slate of feature film, television and interactive content.

    We unite screen businesses to campaign for a healthy commercial environment, supported by a representative council and a full-time secretariat.

    Visit the Screen Producers Australia website.

  • The Australian Directors Guild (ADG) is a registered industry association representing the interests of film, television and digital media directors, documentary makers and animators throughout Australia.

    The ADG works to promote excellence in screen direction, encourage communication and collaboration between directors and others in the industry, and provide professional support for its members.

    Visit the Australian Directors Guild website.

  • The Australian Writers’ Guild is the professional association representing writers for stage, screen, radio and online and has protected and promoted their creative and professional interests for more than 50 years.

    The Guild’s vision is to see performance writing and performance writers thrive as a dynamic and integral part of Australian storytelling, shaping, reflecting and enhancing the Australian cultural voice in all its diversity.

    Visit the Australian Writers Guild website.

  • The Australian Cinematographers Society was established to:

    - Further the advancement of cinematography in all fields and give due recognition to the outstanding work performed by Australian cinematographers.
    - Keep members abreast of technology, new equipment and ideas through meetings, seminars and demonstrations.
    - Provide a forum for cinematographers to meet with other members of the industry to discuss and exchange ideas, promote friendship and better understanding of each others industry role.

    Visit the Australian Cinematographers Society website.

  • The Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) is Australia's premier event for documentary, factual and interactive non-fiction screen content.

    Our goal is to connect creators, purveyors and viewers of nonfiction screen content in ways that promote business, inspire creativity and ignite social change.

    Visit the Australian International Documentary Conference website.

  • The Screen Makers Conference is the leading event for emerging and early-career screen content makers across Australia.

    The Screen Makers Conference is a key project of Adelaide's Media Resource Centre to accelerate the careers of emerging and regional screen content makers.

    Visit the Screen Makers Conference website.

  • Ausfilm connects the international film community with Australia’s screen incentives, talent and facilities.

    Visit the Ausfilm website.

  • Built on integrity and powered by creativity, Media Entertainment Arts Alliance is the largest and most established union and industry advocate for Australia’s creative professionals.

    Visit the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance website.

  • The primary role of the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) is to recognise, encourage, promote and celebrate film and television excellence in Australia through the nation’s highest screen accolades, the AACTA Awards – the Australian equivalent of the Oscars® and the BAFTAs.

    Visit the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts website.

  • The Casting Guild of Australia provides a central forum for casting professionals working in film, television, and theatre. The CGA is a unified voice within the industry, and highlights members’ contributions and achievements.

    Visit the Casting Guild of Australia's website.

  • The Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG) represents the profession of screen sound in film, television, multimedia and other related audio industries.

    The ASSG aims to recognise and promote original and creative work, encourage high standards and to facilitate research into the techniques and technology of screen sound production. The ASSG also acts as a forum for creative development.

    Visit the Australian Screen Sound Guilds website.

  • The Australian Screen Editors Guild (ASE) is a cultural, professional and educational organisation, dedicated to the pursuit and recognition of excellence in the arts, sciences and technology of motion picture film and televisual post production.

    It aims to promote, improve and protect the role of editor as an essential and significant contributor to all screen productions.

    Visit the Australian Screen Editors website.