Applying for funding

The Northern Territory Government through Screen Territory have numerous funding options you can apply for.

Find out more about the funding available.

Before you apply

Before applying, make sure you:

How to apply

To apply for funding, go to GrantsNT.

Opening and closing dates can be found on the funding available page.

No extensions to advertised closing dates will be granted.

Receiving an error code on GrantsNT

If you are receiving a GrantsNT error code when trying to submit your application, try these steps to resolve your issue:

  1. Has every question been answered?
    • If the question is mandatory it will show a * beside the question.  These questions must be completed or the system will not accept your application.
  2. Is each question completed correctly?
    • There is a help option for each question to ensure clarity.
  3. If a question requires an uploaded document, has the document actually been uploaded?
    • If there isn’t a document to upload, the applicant can choose “in lieu of” and type a comment explaining why no upload is required.
    • Again if this section is a mandatory field as indicated by the *, you must do one or the other, otherwise the system will deem it as not being answered.
  4. Have you actually submitted the application?
    • The system will issue you a receipt of submission. If this does not occur, please make sure the application has in fact been submitted before you contact Screen Territory. Please check your draft applications section to verify this.

If you are still having issues after having completed these steps, please contact the Grants Administration team on outlining your issue.