Career development

Screen Territory aims to identify emerging talent and establish career pathways through internships and mentoring to encourage the next generation to remain in the NT.

  • You can apply for up to $5,000 per application.

    Eligible events:

    • An attachment to a department or crew role during the production of a screen project
    • An internship with a production company
    • A mentorship
  • You can apply if:

    • You meet Screen Territory’s general eligibility criteria
    • You are a Northern Territory resident
    • You have the endorsement of the host production company/practitioner or mentor
  • Your application will be assessed taking into account:

    • Your track record, career progression and commitment to developing your expertise in the chosen field
    • The exceptional nature of the opportunity, and the track record and experience of the host production company/practitioner or mentor
    • The identified outcomes and their relevance to your current career stage
    • The appropriateness of the budget submitted
  • You must submit:

    • One-line description
    • A current one-page CV
    • A personal statement detailing your background, creative and career goals, and interest in the particular role
    • A detailed plan for the attachment, internship or mentorship (agreed to by the company or mentor) which includes:
      • a timeframe or schedule
      • an outline of the type of experience and work to be undertaken, and
      • the intended professional development outcomes.
    • A letter of offer or agreement from the production company or mentor confirming the opportunity and the level of involvement you will have with the company's activities
    • A detailed budget including Screen Territory's contribution
    • A current one-page CV for the mentor, or the company or individual offering the attachment or internship.